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Genesis x24 

Powerful Resveratrol 
Triple  Patented  Formula

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 What is Xyngular?
In May 2017 Symmetry merged into the company Xyngular. Some of the products were upgraded (see below)

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Symmetry and Xyngular 
In May 2017 Symmetry merged with Xyngular and Rudy Revak and Dr. Mark Crapo always said "our products are never done." Working with Dr. Crapo some products were updated with changes that Dr. Crapo had been wanting to do a couple years. Also Symmetry Distributors can now sell both Symmetry and Xyngular products.  

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advanced omega xymgular symmetry Cardio Xyngular Symmetry Flex Xyngular Symmetry Osteo Xyngular Symmetry
Advanced Omega
updated formula
this is updated Cardio-5000  formula
Joints, Knees, Back, and more
this is updated Glucosamine Formula
this is updated 
Calcium Coverage formula
Immune Xyngular Symmetry
this is updated 
Immune-D formula

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Brain NutraPack | Clarity | XR2         Hair NutraPack  | Axion

All Body
NutraPack Axion  | Genesis

Weight Loss    Xyng  | Accelerate | Cheat+ |
                             Ignite System

Reproductive Genesis |
             Female Balance |
                         Male Balance

Hormones Female Balance | Genesis
                  Male Balance

Prostate Male Balance  | Genesis

Skin  NutraPack | Genesis

Cleanse / Detox  Flush

Nervous Advanced Omega  |  XR2

Immune Immune | Botana-C | AceAloe+
System  NutraPack

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Eyes MegaJuice | Genesis | NutraPack

Heart Cardio | Advanced Omega | Genesis

Lungs OptiBreathe | Genesis | MegaJuice

Liver  Genesis

Digestive  Flush  |  Probiotix

Children Future Star | Fruit-a-Mins

Urinary/Kidneys Male Balance Genesis

Knees Glucosamine Formula | Flex

Joints Glucosamine Formula | Flex
               | Advanced Omega
Calcium Coverage |   Osteo
Advanced Omega

Adrenal system AceAloe+



Our name Symmetry means "beauty resulting from balanced or harmonious arrangement", and this describes the formulas of both the Symmetry and Xyngular Herbal and Nutritional Health supplements. All of our products are manufactured with the most advanced techniques and under stringent guidelines to ensure that you  get the freshest, purest, and best quality Symmetry health products like Genesis, Ultravitality Nutrapack, Female Balance, Male Balance, Genesis, Flex, Advanced Omega, MegaJuice, AceAloe+, Adapt To It, Immune-D, Immune, Clarity, Osteo and others possible. Through cutting edge research, education, and a sincere concern for our planet Earth, you, and your family's health and well being.

All information presented on these web pages is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or to administer to any physical ailments. 
 In all matters related to your health please contact a qualified, licensed practitioner.  

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