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Herbalists for a long time have used the husks of black walnut as a nutritional aid for the intestinal system. American Indian tribes are known to use black walnut as a laxative. For many centuries in Europe, the black walnut was used as a laxative and for skin aliments, especially herpes and eczema.

Other notes:

o oxygenates the blood which helps to kill and eliminate Parasites such as
   (pinworms, ringworms, and tapeworms)

o has been shown to be helpful treating Candida Albicans

o helps burn up excessive toxins and fatty materials, while it helps balance sugar levels

o successful in the treatment of Valley fever
  (which increases since recent earthquakes and major excavations)

o has been used on people suffering from electrical shock

o remedy for "bad blood" diseases such as scrofulous, syphilis and Diptheria

Black Walnut is also known as: 

Juglans nigra, English walnut


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