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Intertrigo is a form of dermatitis or skin inflammation caused by the repeated friction of skin rubbing against skin. It can appear anywhere two skin surfaces lie next to each other and rub together, but most often occurs in the skin folds of the groin and underarms, and between the ribs and the breasts. This condition is most common in warm climates and during the summer months. Intertrigo will appear as a reddish color rash that might be sore or itchy. It normally progresses  gradually, starting as a mild chafing, then slowly, with continued exposure to moisture and friction, develops into a persistent itchy rash. Sometimes a secondary bacterial or fungal infection may occur, causing the formation of pustules and weeping and oozing of the skin, as well as severe itching and pain. Severe intertrigo on the groin or thighs can limit or affect mobility. Intertrigo primarily affects overweight women who perspire heavily. People with diabetes also are more disposed than others to developing intertrigo and accompanying secondary infections. Persons who suffer from urinary incontinence are at increased risk of developing intertrigo in the groin area. ...more

Nutrient / Supplement Importance
( 1 - 10 )
Helpful notes
Essential fatty acids 10 extremely important for reducing to strengthen the bodies immune system and for tissue healing. Fatty acids are found in omega fatty acids from fish oil, flax seed oil, and borage seed oil.
Flax seed  10 source of essential fatty acids
Borage seed 10 source of essential fatty acids
Multi-vitamin & Mineral supplement 10 contains vitamin E, vitamin B complex , vitamin C, and zinc and others which all are helpful in both the treatment and prevention of Intertrigo as well as promoting good general health and well being.
Garlic 9 Garlic also helps boost the immune system and fight fungal and bacterial infection. A combination herbal formula will also include other herbs related to garlic.
Olive leaf extract 9 herb used for healing and infection fighting
Red Clover 9 herb to detoxify and cleanse the blood 
Dandelion 9 herb that works with Red clover (see Genesis below)
vitamin B complex 9 is need for proper protein metabolism by the body. The B vitamin family is also used for healing and the repair of skin tissue.
vitamin C 9 this vitamin is used for both skin tissue repair and healing
Zinc  9 Normally found in a good natural multi-vitamin and mineral supplement this mineral strengthens the body's immune system and also promotes healing of all body tissues.
Bioflavinoids 8 bioflavinoids are used for tissue repair, cell growth and general healing in the body. It works well with vitamin C in aiding those people with an intertrigo problem.
image intertrigo Symmetry products people tell us they use for Intertrigo 
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Protection 4 Life


Advanced Omega

Nutra Pack

Mega Juice

Aloe Plus

Botana G

BotanaCleanse Plus

Fruit A Mins

Future Star

excellent daily supplemental health system

liquid herbal healing formula - Olive leaf, Red clover, Dandelion + more

flax seed, borage seed, and omegas in one formula

complete daily supplement with all the vitamins and minerals listed above

healing extracts from fruits and vegetables, bioflavonoids + carotenoids 

Aloe vera liquid formula with Passionflower, Kava, Ginseng, and more

multi-source garlic blend with herbal co-support

colon intestinal cleansing and restoration - vital for good health 

children's daily vitamin and mineral supplement

kids and teens drink nutritional supplement



  • BotanaCleanse Plus - do this first to cleanse toxins and make the other supplements work better

  • Protection 4 Life with Genesis - has 4 products in it which all will benefit people with Intertrigo and related health problems. This kit includes:

1. Advanced Omega
2. Mega Juice
3. NutraPack
4. Genesis



- drink 6-8 glasses of steam distilled water a day
- eat lots of raw fruits and vegetables (green leafy vegetables are great)
- juice is good (make your own with a juice machine)
- do not drink coffee, alcohol, soda pop, other junk food drinks
- do not eat processed foods white sugar, white flour, etc...
- use stress relief like going for walks in the park
- brown rice and millet are good to eat
- avoid red meat and animal fats
- reduce dairy products cheese, milk, and others
- fast a few days a month 
- a colon intestinal cleansing is helpful (see BotanaCleanse above)
- get sleep 
- exercise light to moderate amounts ... yoga and stretching are good
- do not smoke and avoid second hand smoke
- PRAY ... it does help with all aspects of life and healing 



All information presented on these web pages is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or to administer to any physical ailments.  In all matters related to your health please contact a qualified, licensed practitioner.  Copyright 1995-2002 Go Symmetry