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 Immune System

The immune system is the body's defense system. Protecting us from foreign particles that enter
our body. The Immune System is the name of a collection of molecules, Cells and organs whose
complex interactions form an efficient system that is usually able to protect an individual from 
both outside invaders and its own altered internal cells.

This combination of components is the product of millions ofyears of evolution, which has selected
 those Organisms that are best able to prevent their destruction by Micro-organisms or tumors.

Perhaps an unknown fact concerning the Immune System is that it works best when it doesn't have
to work at all. Thus if the infectious organism is unable to enter an individual's body, for whatever
reason, no immune response need be mounted and the person is healthy.

Two body features which are not normally associated with the Immune System also serve 
important functions: the Skin, and the Mucosa. While it seems elementary, the importance 
of Skin in resisting infection can not be overemphasized. It is the location at which most 
Micro-organisms are stopped.

To appreciate its importance, it is worthwhile to consider the relative frequency of lesions forming 
on healthy intact skin, as compared to infections at locations where the skin has been broken.

The less effective, but close cousin of the skin is the Mucosa: the tissue which covers our eyes, 
alimentary and genital & urinary tracts. As the higher frequency of mucosal infections indicate, 
it is not quite as effective at resisting the myriad of challengers to which it is subjected.
Since this tissue is easier to penetrate than normal skin, it possesses a number of means to 
dissuade the frequent microscopic interlopers. Tears and aaliva, as well as other mucus secretions
 act to wash away many potential invaders,  and many also contain chemical elements which are
 effective in killing microbes.

There are several cells that serve the Immune system: B Cells and T Cells.

T-Cells are responsible for destroying infected or cancerous cells, and for coordinating all 
acquired immune responses. Thus, T-Cell immunity is generally called cellular immunity.

B-Cells are the generators of humoral immunity, so called because it consists of soluble 
proteins found in the "Humors" (Blood).


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